The team behind ""

The team behind the "LANAKI" initiative on the networking side are three software specialists:

Franz EILENBERGER, our GUI and GIS specialist, energetic for climbing and bouldering, who developed the web interface and is familiar with the many possibilities of electronic maps,

Stefan KNAPPITSCH, our database specialist: powered by Styrian seed oil, developer of the - unfortunately far too little "visible" - database and background programs for backing up, processing and providing all information for the screen display,

Martin NOVAK, the "head" of the matter, often starting with "would it be a good idea to develope ...", whereupon the others quickly creep away - and then join in 🙂

The three are members of the team at Prosoft Süd Consulting GmbH, an industrial system house, specializing in solutions for measuring, recording and evaluating data from the mobility and transport sectors with a special focus on the railway sector. Based in the south of Vienna and embedded in the parish Atzgersdorf (1230 Vienna), with its very active and creative community who also contributed to this campaign with ideas, constructive criticism ("it will never work", etc. :-), tests and promotion.

Our goal is to use today's technology (= Internet) to show how many we are and how well we (Christians) are "connected" - and NOW that we remain "connected"!

The theme of this year's "Long Night of the Churches" (-> "LA NA KI") - planned for June 5, 2020 - was "preservation of creation" and thus a focus on topics related to the conservation, preservation and careful use of the environment and resources. Many actions on these topics were planned and already in preparation (for example, our young at heart knitted sweaters for the treatment of pygmy penguins after oil spills in South Australia ..), concerts and exhibitions ..

We also plan (irrespective of the Long Night of the Churches) to supply the parish buildings with solar energy as far as possible and thus contribute to the reduction of CO2. We have active support teams for the seniors of our congregation and an active youth!

The virus has tragically screwed up the "Long Night of Churches", but we won't let it get us down!

Under the motto "We'll stay in touch" this campaign is now taking place around Easter!

If you like it: just join in!

Do you have a comment about this - please use the contact form.

For the organization team of the Long Night of Churches, Atzgersdorf

M.Novak, programcoordinator