** translation from the german original message **

Everything was actually ready for the "Long Night of Churches": the program was put together, the tasks were distributed, the preparations were well advanced, the domain was secured, the LANAKI-NET was ready ...
Then everything turned out differently: pandemic, restrictions, cancellations ...
Of course we are also affected: So many in our community have been looking forward to the event!

And now: the event has been postponed to June 2021 !!

Limited contacts (meaningful, because this is the only way to fight the pandemic) - Mass celebrations without a community - No Sunday coffee after the fair - No more connection with each other?

NO - we don't let it get us down: NOW we're thinking of each other, looking to see if we can support and help, and we're thinking of the many other communities around the world that are just as affected and in some places are even at the beginning of the catastrophe.

Easter is the highest festival of Christianity. It is the commemoration of dying and resurrection. Actually fits (sadly!) Exactly to the current situation - doesn't it? These days we think of everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by the crisis! Rejoice with those who have survived and think and pray for those whom God has called to Himself.

We think of the people in the other parishes, or rather simply all people who have to go through this crisis.

"We" will do it too! With God's help: the day will come when we can "rise again" and come together and celebrate together! For sure !

The LANAKI-NET campaign is now one of the many small contributions and the attempt to document that we are NOT ALONE, to show how many Christians we are and that we DO NOT FORGET each other - even in times of ciris! Via a "message" sent from parish to parish, from person to person.

For this purpose, a platform is provided called "LANAKI-NET". To give courage to those who now feel "abandoned".

The Atzgersdorf parish in Vienna/Austria started this initiative to show that we Christians are not alone, especially in times of crisis: there is certainly a community that thinks of you, that prays for you, that sees you again happy with you. - so we don't lose hope!

And there is certainly a community that YOU are thinking about these days - why don't you just document it - for example via the LANAKI-NET!

So take the opportunity to send "Easter greetings" to friendly communities!

If you go to LANAKI-NET, you will be shown a world map with churches. In Austria (almost) everyone, in the remaining countries representing the Christian community of this country, a church in the capital, possibly other missions that were reported to us (it was not much time - sorry!). Choose your home church - or the one you are currently working in - and set it as "My Church" - it will then be colored red. Then scroll to the church whose community you want to send an Easter message to, choose "Send Message" and select one of the suggested messages.

With "Send" this message is then "sent"

The lines with which the two places or churches connect - that of the sender and that of the recipient - show everyone worldwide how closely we are connected!

So please: take the opportunity and take part!


Thank you, happy Easter and God’s blessing,

Mag. Peter Pösze, pastor