JOIN US - we want to draw the net of christian solidarity into the internet

Between 9.4.20 until 13.4.20 (3pm) you can show your solidarity with a friend community thus help building the "LANAKI-NET". How? - see below...

How it works

1. On "LANAKI-NET" we show you all known communities in Austria as well as representative missions and churches worldwide.

2. Identify "your" home church by scrolling and zooming into the map (doubleklick on church-symbols with numbers will open more details).

3. Use the right mouse key and select "This is my church".

4. Now move to the community or parish you want to "connect" to and

5. select "send message" from the options using the right mouse key

6. a new window will open and you can select one of the messages we prepared for you to make it simple

7. klick the "SEND" button

...a line is drawn between your "home" church and the adressed community thus creating the LANAKI-NET!

(contact them via social media or else and ask them to have a look to your message, and send an answer.. )

Move the mouse onto a message line and see all details of the communication, distance covered,..

You can select another communities and show your solidarity...

Klick with the left mouse key on any church will show their messages and connections

easy ? isnt it?


On the electronic map the LANAKI-NET raises up

whenever someone sends a message on the "LANAKI-NET" page, a line is drawn between the two parties/locations

After some time, a "network" of all messages appears - in Austria and all over the world.

We will count the number of messages and distance they have covered.

Send a message to remote friends and show them, that you are thinking of them..

Or be happy to "receive" a message from other parishes..

Who knows - Maybe, new friendships will develop...




and if an important location is missing..

there are thousands of churches and parishes in Austra and all over the world, we can't pinpoint all!

So for the countries around Austria we pinpointed one "church" per country as "representative" for all christian communities of that specific country.

BUT: if there is an error or if you miss one specific mission, community or else you want to adress during easter 2020,

please use the CONTACT FORM BELOW until thursday April, 9th latest to inform us about your wishes.

We see what we can do !

Contact Form..